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"The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob" by The Astroglides

The theme tune from the French film "The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob" (1973) starring Louis De Funes.

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"About our song, why we chose it... They used to use this title on Election days, and we thought it's kind of funny... anyway, we loved the tune and thought it deserve a proper Surf treatment. and so we did... "

"The Astroglides were formed in 1997. They developed their own take on Surf music, which consisted of short, fast, dark and aggressive instrumentals. The term “SurfCore” was chosen for this type of music.
The Astroglides try to retain the essence of surf music with guitars played through vintage Fender amps, reverb units and speakers. A theremin provides an eerie background for the music.

The first two albums, Penetrate With… and Fondling With… were released by the Israeli independent label Fast Music in 2001 and 2002, respectively.

The third Album – Channel Surfing With…, was based around TV and movie inspired instrumentals, including some cover versions of obscure theme songs. The band chose to expand the soundscape with additional instrumentation, including percussion, brass instruments, vibraphone, xylophone, and choir.
The result combines surf instrumentals with other influences such as spy/crime movie soundtracks, spaghetti western music, exotica/Tiki, and more.

The Astroglides currently works on their fourth album, which will continue the Astroglides efforts to expend the sound of Surf and Instrumental music."

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