"Viva Las Vegas" by Los Derrumbes

Originally from the 1964 Elvis Presley film of the same name.

"Los Derrumbes (the most approximate translation would be "the landslide mushrooms", a kind of mexican hallucinogenic mushroom) were formed in 1996... -time flies!- by VladTiago on guitar, HerrMinio on bass and BitterChus on drums. They played where nobody ever would play and even recorded a 7" with four songs, now very hard to find. At a much later date, about 2002, a new lead guitar player, Dr. Reverbeto, came to the band, and things started to roll: well paid gigs, some tours, appearances in national tv shows and big festivals, another recording session, a just-released 10" record with a serious label ( www.hrecords.com ), new gear (matching '64 teisco bass and guitars) and... lots of fun! - and we feel it's just the beginning!

Why did we record "Viva Las Vegas"? - Because no one had done it before and we felt it could make a great instro. besides, we love that big fat glittering Elvis era!

Our band website: www.losderrumbes.com >> eternally under construction, so for some free mps3's, latest news, tour dates, some videos and up to date info, better visit our myspace page: www.myspace.com/losderrumbes or send us an email"


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