Mexican Whistler by Los Fantasticos

Roger Whittaker's original version is a whistling record and was a hit single in 1967.

Los Fantasticos are Django Deadman (Red Guitar and Fender VI), Tim Self (Purple Guitar and Trumpet), Paul Lawrence (Bass) and Abe Moshin (Drums).The Brighton-based quartet were drawn together by a shared love of b-movies, twang, animal print clothing and beer and were discovered by Cesare Gorgeouslate one night in one of the city's more sleazy drinking holes. Their firstalbum, "Cesare Gorgeous Presents... Return Of The Leopard Man" will be released to tumultuous acclaim in the autumn of 2005.

"Los Fantasticos knew that they would have to record Roger Whittaker'sMexican Whistler, when they learned just how huge Roger was in Germany".

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