"I only want to be with you" by The Muffinmates

The original version was the debut record by Dusty Springfield. It made #4 on the UK singles chart in 1963.

"why we choose that song could be a little different: Cheap one: we did it it cause were not able to get '99 red balloons' in a really successful surfy way on tape. Realistic one: tried to find some songs for my school band (all between 13 and 16 years old) and figured this is a real cool instro smasher.... Romantic one: loved a girl named 'sabine' when i was 13 years old, she liked 'bay city rollers' most. i bought a 'best of album' of that smashing group to impress her on an afternoon rendezvous. i remember well.... all stories are true, last one comes back as i thought a little on mixing that song..... sad one"

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