"Cinnamon Girl" by The Lost Boys Of Penzance

Neil Young wrote and recorded "Cinnamon Girl" in 1969 for his 2nd solo album, "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" -- his first with the band "Crazy Horse".

"The Lost Boys Of Penzance (LBOP) is a consortium of studio musicians based in Encinitas, CA where a world-class surfing spot (Swami's) inspires the boys' surf music jones. The group is directed by Jonathan Villegas (Producer/Arranger & guitar/bass/synths). For details on the current band lineup and other info, surf to: www.lbop.net

LBOP chose the classic rock song "Cinnamon Girl" specifically for the Cordelia Records "Beyond The Sea" project as a "challenge response". Neil Young, hailed as the "Father of Grunge", recorded his hit track with mondo distortion guitars predominating. The "Boys" argued back and forth -- do it "clean" (trad. surf)...do it "dirty" (punk surf)... After awhile, LBOP decided to split the difference so that the track ended up half-clean and half-dirty! :-)"

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