The Cordelia Records CDs in reverse chronological order

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ZERO Tolerance


1. My Dog Has Fleas
2. Who Are the Brain Police?
3. Montana
4. Son of Mr. Green Genes (in memory of Chris Squire)
5. My Dog Has Fleas #2
6. Little House I used to Live in - Solo Piano intro (revised)
7. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
8. Little House I used to Live in
9. King Kong
10. Village of the Sun
11. Dilemma
12. Let's Move to Cleveland
13. Any Way the Wind Blows
14. Sofa #2

Weasels Re-ripped

1. Didja get any onya - Spanner Jazz Punks
2. Directly from my heart to you - Spanner Jazz punks
3. Prelude to the afternoon of a sexually aroused gas mask - Inventionis Mater
4. Toads of the short forest - Gumbo Variation
5. Get a little - Jerry Outlaw and friends featuring Todd Grubbs
6. The eric dolphy memorial barbecue - Evil Dick
7. Dwarf nebula processional march & dwarf nebula - Fuchsprellen
8. My guitar wants to kill your mama - Muffin Men
9. Oh no - Zappatistas
10. Orange county lumber truck - Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra
11. Weasels ripped my flesh - ZAPPATIKA

Surfin' Jack Flash


1. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The Penny-Farthings
2. Get off my Cloud - The Melamine Division Plates
3. 2000 Light Years from Home - Jimmy Creasey
4. Tell Me - The Moths
5. Time is on My Side - Blue Wave Theory
6. Paint it Black - Los Fantasticos
7. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow? - The French
8. Honky Tonk Women - The Insanitizers
9. Let's Spend the Night Together - The Malcolm Bells
10. Factory Girl - The Oh-Yeahs
11. Mother's Little Helper - Tony Dynamite and Shooting Beavers
12. The Last Time - The Nematoads
13. I'd Much Rather Be with the Boys - X-Ray Xylophone
14. Under My Thumb - The AmpFibians
15. It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It) - The Pterodactyls
16. As Tears Go By - Gothic Murder Porn
17. Moonlight Mile - Glasgow Tiki Shakers
18. Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Kettering Vampires
19. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Culpho Dog Gymkhana

R. Stevie Moore 1952 - 19??


















1. Signal 02:45
2. Studio Animals 00:33
3. Jesus Rocks 02:56
4. Records 01:26
5. The Flavour Is Mine 04:35
6. Sox 01:17
7. Back In Time 04:36
8. Without Cause 02:15
9. Treat Me 02:41
10. Satisfaction 00:51
11. Technical Difficulty 02:44
12. Genus Lepus 00:54
13. Who Needs Girls? 05:03
14. Delicate Tension 03:51
15. You And Me 02:18
16. Jesus Christ! 01:29
17. Rock 'N' Roll Kit 02:41
18. Cassettes 01:33
19. Oven Love 04:00
20. You'll Never Get Me 01:21
21. Goodbye Piano 02:30

22. You Love Me, Do Something RMX (bonus) 04:57
23. Tale Of The Sweet Violin RMX (bonus) 06:56
24. She's Not Ready (I Won't Wait) RMX (bonus) 03:01
25. The Song Remains The Same RMX (bonus) 03:03
26. Born To Run RMX (bonus) 04:39
27. The Holocaust Parade RMX (bonus) 02:16

Rare Episodes




































































“Rare Episodes”

Frank Zappa’s unmined nuggets

1. VARIANT #1 by Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra

One of a number of pieces Frank wrote “must record” – see The MOFO Project/Object booklet – and then actually did: at TTG Studios in Hollywood on 10 June 1966, during sessions for the Burt Ward single Boy Wonder I Love You.


A song Frank denied knowing, yet a tape exists of him demonstrating it to drummer Jimmy Carl Black. Jimmy told The Idiot Bastard that Frank said he “could have the song and we even discussed the instruments that would sound good on it. It was Frank playing the piano in his studio with Andy Cahan and me there. The year was 1981 and I was in California rehearsing for the first Grandmothers tour of Europe.”

3. BOGNOR REGIS by Jerry Outlaw & Friends

An instrumental originally recorded during the Hot Rats sessions in 1969, and intended to be released as the b-side of a single version of ‘Sharleena’ that never happened.

4. RALPH STUFFS HIS SHOES by Todd Grubbs Group feat J Todd Plant and Daniel Swartwood

In September 1974, shortly before it became ‘Can’t Afford No Shoes’ on One Size Fits All, Frank’s lyrics poked fun at drummer Ralph Humphrey.

5. MICE by Evil Dick

According to Frank, the first thing he ever composed: “a piece for snare drum...I wrote that when I was about 14 and performed it at school.”


Performed live during the 1975 Bongo Fury tour, and rehearsed by the 1981 band, but like all of these songs, not officially released thus far.

7. MO’S VACATION by Marc Atkinson

An early version of ‘Mo ‘N Herb’s Vacation’ in a basic arrangement, described by drummer Terry Bozzio as "like ‘The Black Page’, but more of it!" Performed live with Vinnie Colaiuta and Arthur Barrow in 1978, Chad Wackerman told The Idiot Bastard he also "did a studio recording for Frank."

8. CLOWNS ON VELVET by Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra

First performed at New York's Ritz Theatre in November 1981, with special guest Al DiMeola on lead guitar. Frank then added studio overdubs to a fragment of this live recording and had the Thing-Fish rap over it.

9. LITTLE DOTS by Gumbo Variation

An instrumental similar to ‘Approximate’, only ever performed live by the Petit Wazoo in 1972.

10. ROLLO by Chato Segerer

Officially released in instrumental form only on the albums Imaginary Diseases, Apostrophe, QuAUDIOPHILIAc and You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1. In 1972, the piece has the lyrics presented here. (This version also appends the rare ‘Village Of The Sun’ intro/outro that appeared on the recent Road Tapes, Venue #2 release.)

11. BRUTALITY by Neither Beasts, Nor Gods

A Synclavier composition from a cassette titled Resolver+ Brutality that Frank handed to someone he'd had an 'intensive artistic relationship' with for several years.

12. VELVET SUNRISE by Spanner Jazz Punks

Another piece performed live during the 1975 Bongo Fury tour, providing Frank with an opportunity to tell various tales about life on the road.


The instrumental track on The Man From Utopia album had these lyrics when rehearsed by the 1981 band.

Considerably Further Beyond the Sea

Considerably Further Beyond the Sea

The Avant-Garde Surf Music Compilation.

1. Smoke on the Water - Wonk Vision
2. Right Back Where We Started From - The Monsters from Sector 5
3. Bass Cheese String - The Time Bats
4. Ashes to Ashes - Alan Jenkins
5. Revolution 9 - The Thurston Lava Tube
6. Born to Run - The Pterodactyls
7. Theme One - The Invisible Legs
8. My Generation - The French
9. Will He Kiss Me Tonight - The Pom Pom Acrobats
10. I Wanna Be Your Dog - Mark Twain’s Atomic Wombat
11. Dead Babies - Gothic Murder Porn
12. Moulted Fur from a Labrador - The Moths
13. Wonderful Land - ThunderPiglets
14. Miserlou - Trevor Shoe
15. Wonderful Land (reprise)
16. It's a Little Bear - Culpho Dog Gymkhana
17. Layla - The Kettering Vampires
18. Layla in Space - Horse Jigsaw
19. Good Vibrations - The Melamine Division Plates

Mt Geraniums Are Bulletproof

My Gerniums Are Bulletproof - the first album by The Deep Freeze Mice on CD with a lots of extra muisc and a 12 page booklet with things writen in it.

1. Minstrel Radio Yoghurt 2. I vote conservative ('cos I'm in love with you) 3. Emile Zola 4. Phylis is a protozoa 5. Embalming fluid future 6.I met a man who spoke like an UCCA form 7. The octagonal rabbit surplus 8.The octagonal rabbit surplus surplus 9. The man behind the batman mask

A free download of a recording of the first concert by The Deep Freeze Mice from May 1980 is on this page.

Ziggy Played Surf Guitar

Ziggy Played Surf Guitar.

The surf instrumental bands of the world perform the songs of David Bowien. Here - is it's track listing, links to most of the contributing bands and a couple of bonus tracks to download.

Free Surf Music #1 and also Free Surf Music #2

Free Surf Music #1 & #2.

Two L.P.s and an E.P. by Alan Jenkins and The Thurston Lava Tube from 1999 and 2000 on one CD.

21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches

21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches.

A second CD released in conjunction with the Idiot Bastard Son web site - the 21 contributing artists were asked to condense Frank Zappa's "Burnt Weeny Sandwich" album into a 3 to 5 minute piece of music.

The 21st track is this album condensed down to a 3 to 5 minute piece of music and is only available as a download here.

And there's a promo video.

The Tender Yellow Ponies of Insomnia

The Tender Yellow Ponies of Insomnia - the 10th album by The Deep Freeze Mice on CD with a lots of bonus tracks and a 24 page booklet full of writing and pictures.

1. A (dog found a stick in the park with such magical powers that a bark caused a marvelous pie to drop out of the sky and the doggy would grin like a shark) 2. Ariadne metal cream pie 3. The postman's dry 4. The cake of conversation 5. Programme controller flowers 6. I don't have a horse 7. Poodle Haddock: part one 8. Poodle Haddock: part two 9. Conversation gap panic 10. Buzzing unobtrusively 11. The amphibious nun 12. Love you more 13. Janis 14. Into the valley of death rode the six hundred shouting "dig it" 15. Don't eat aluminium 16. To hell with it, let her keep the chicken (the postman's dryer) extra tracks:17. The delicious little green roosters of insomnia 18. Into the valley of death (demo version) 19. The grindy track

Download an mp3 of "Conversation Gap Panic"

The Year of the Dog

The Year of the Dog - the fifth album by The Thurston Lava tube.

1. The Poisoned Pawn Variation 2. Ghost Train (Camel) 3. Ianisation 4. The Hitler Goat Fuck. 5. Queen Anne's Revenge 6. Pipeline 7. Where Is the Hyena Magnet? 8. I Wanna Hold Your Hand 9. Mrs Pterodactyl 10. Ziggy Stardust 11. Guess What? 12. Don't Borrow Dominoes From a Black Man 13. 1. E4 Nc6 14. Action Dog 15. The Poisoned Porn Variation

CD Extra format - there are various other videos and sound recordings in mp3 format on there.

The Last Days of Cordelia Records

The Last Days of Cordelia Records


A feature length documentary film charting the final 33 days of the Cordelia Records recording studio.

Further Beyond The Sea

Further Beyond The Sea

The bands on this one had to record a surf instrumental that was a cover version of a hit record that was recorded after 1990.

1. Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode) by Los Banditos
2. What A Girl Wants (Christina Aguilera) by CHUM
3. Whip-Out (Whiplash) (Metallica) by The Barbwires
4. Up The Bracket (The Libertines) by The B-Sea Surfers
5. Fell In Love With A Girl (The White Stripes) by The Cocktail Preachers
6. Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden) by The Fujiyama Monsters
7. I Love You Always Forever (Donna Lewis) by Fudge
8. Wannabe (The Spice Girls) by The Thurston Lava Tube
9. Losing My Religion (REM) by The Vivisectors
10. A Girl Like You (Edwyn Collins) by The Muffinmates
11. Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Kylie Minogue) by Los Fantasticos
12. Human Behaviour (Bjoerk) by Our Flying Saucer
13. Falling (theme from Twin Peaks) (Julee Cruise) by You Fellows Of All Souls
14. Hash Pipe (Weezer) by RNA
15. I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys) by The Surf Rockets
16. Russian Dance (Tom Waits) by Gulag Tunes
17. The Modern Way (The Kaiser Chiefs) by Surfadelica
18. Stacy's Mom (The Fountains of Wayne) by The Lost Boys Of Penzance
19. The Circle Of Life (from The Lion King) by The Swamp Coolers
20. Tainted Love (Marilyn Manson) by The Vivisectors
21. Welcome To Paradise (Green Day) by The Flowmasters
22. Champagne Supernova (Oasis) by The Glasgow Tiki Shakers

20 Extraordinary Renditions

20 Extraordinary Renditions - The Idiot Bastard Son.

This CD has been released in conjunction with the Idiot Bastard Son web site where you can find every possible detail of the participating artists (and many other interesting Zappa related things.)

20 different versions of the song by Frank Zappa performed by: Die Beistelltische, Freedom In Hats, André Cholmondeley, DOOT! Ensemble Ambrosius, Evil Dick & The Banned Members, Jerry Outlaw, John Tabacco, Nigey Lennon, Oldgreygoat And His Girls, Pojama People, Project/Object, The FoolZ, The FrazKnapp Fusion Project, The Thurston Lava Tube, The Vegetarians, The Wrong Object Vs, The Friendly Dogs, Todd Grubbs Group feat. Bo Smith, The Whip It Out Ensemble.

The Thoughtful Sounds of Bat Smuggling

The Thoughtful Sounds of Bat Smuggling - the fourth album by The Thurston Lava tube.

1. Miserlou 2. Fear the Bat Smuggler 3. Bag Territory 4. Death in Duck Street 5. Hair and Plants 6. In the Keeler Gap 7. The Points, As You Call Them, Will Not Be Changed 8. Guardian of the Soul of Derreck 9. Space 1752 10. Tide of Jam 11. Organ Failure 12. Message Two 13. We'll Gather Lilacs in the Spring Again.

Download an mp3 of "Fear the Bat Smuggler"

Free Surf Music #3 by Alan Jenkins and the Thurston Lava Tube

Free Surf Music #3 - the final part of the series by Alan Jenkins (and an early version of The Thurston Lava Tube). Recorded 1999 between 2000.

Download an mp3 of "I Walk the Lion"

If you put this CD into your computer you will find an additional three albums in mp3 format (with artwork and sleevenotes). These are: 1) "Mechanical Birds with Many Wings" (a compilation of unreleased or non-album tracks by various Cordelia bands mostly from the '90s - including The Deep Freeze Mice, The Chrysanthemums, Ruth's Refrigerator and The Creams). 2) A live recording from 1992 by Ruth's Refrigerator and 3) A live recording by the Creams from 1997. So you get a total of 76 bonus tracks on this CD.





The Miraculous Healing of the Daughter of Henry the Glass Cat

The Cordelia Sampler CD

1. The Thurston Lava Tube – She Loves You (new mix)
2. The Creams – Santa Says (new mix)
3. The Deep Freeze Mice – George Bailey Lassoes a Refrigerator
4. R. Stevie Moore – Don’t Let Me Go to the Dogs
5. Don’s Mobile Barbers – Invade
6. The Creams – Sub Sub (new mix)
7. The Creams – Marlene Dietrich’s Make Up Man (new mix)
8. The Thurston Lava Tube – Shit Weasel (different mix)
9. The Deep Freeze Mice – Zoology
10. Alan Jenkins – Gargling with Shelves
11. Alan Jenkins – Lovely Rabbit Builds Super Highways
12. Alan Jenkins – I Walk the Lion (unreleased)
13. Ruth’s Refrigerator – Picasso’s Problem (unreleased)
14. The Deep Freeze Mice – Conversation Gap Panic
15. The Deep Freeze Mice – Diagonally
16. The Creams – Outdoors and Indoors
17. Alan Jenkins and the Creams – Unusual Calls (new mix)
18. The Thurston Lava Tube – Rocket Science (different mix)
19. The Chrysanthemums – They Must Have Made it with their Hats
20. The Creams – Wood (new mix)
21. The Deep Freeze Mice – The Disappearance of the Guard Dog
22. Jody and the Creams – Margery is Dead
23. The Creams – Oh Dear, What Shall We Do About the Christians? (new mix)
24. The Creams – Buzzing Unobtrusively
25. Don’s Mobile Barbers – 2,000 Miles for This
26. The Creams – Why Can’t We Hit these Stupid Porcupines?
27. Alan Jenkins and the Creams – They Didn’t Believe Me

Beyond the Sea

Cordelia Records invited contributions to a compilation CD called

Beyond the Sea

The contributing bands recorded surf instrumentals that were cover versions of well known tunes outside the usual surf instrumental repertoire. Often way outside it.

1. My Favourite Things by The Swamp Coolers
2. Viva Las Vegas by Los Derrumbes
3. Take on Me by The Bitch Boys
4. I'm Not in Love by Don's Mobile Barbers
5. Then He Kissed Me by The Detonators
6. Mexican Whistler by Los Fantasticos
7. Auld Lang Syne by The Glasgow Tiki Shakers
8. Funeral March of a Marionette by The Pyronauts
9. Je t'aime... moi non plus by Kahuna Kawentzmann
10. Rock and Roll High School by Cobalt and the Aquabears
11. Redemption Surf (redemption song) by Estrume'n'tal
12. Barbie Girl by Fudge
13. The One I Love by Nova Surfer
14. You Sexy Thing by Our Flying Saucer
15. Surfer Freak (Super freak) by RNA
16. The SpongeBob SquarePants theme tune by Monkey Versus Robot
17. The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob by The Astroglides
18. Another Brick in the Wall part II by The Vivisectors
19. I Only Wanna be with You by The Muffinmates
20. Hooray for Hollywood by The Urban Surf Kings
21. Cinnamon Girl by The Lost Boys of Penzance
22. Travelin' Man by The Reluctant Aquanauts
23. Dance of the King of the World of Maya (Dance of Maya and King of the World) by Pegleg
24. Blue Velvet by The Cocktail Preachers
25. Bohemian Rhapsody by The Thurston Lava Tube
26. Beyond the Sea by The Aquamarines

The Pink Elephant with Nipples for Tusks - the third album by The Thurston Lava tube.

1. The Anchor Pigs 2. Argentinasaurus 3. It is the music of The Thurston Lava Tube but it is performed here by pigeons 4. Fritter Capsule 5. Peruvogator 6. I didn't bite the dinosaurs 7. Forgot to put the chain on Baxter 8. It must have been the mousse 9. Absurdo 10. Shit Weasel 11. Oh, what happened to the poor bear 12. Surf Rider 13. Wonderful Land 14. Mrs. Robinson

Download an mp3 of "Forgot to put the Chain on Baxter"

Version two point zero - the second album by Don's Mobile Barbers.

1. (this is) amiga speaking 2. Euros and dollars 3. f08 4. Your agenda will remain 5. but where are we? 6. Always the same 7. Hold on 8. Ricatid 9. It's understood 10. The language you are using now

Download an mp3 of "Euros and dollars"

Delicate Tension - R. Stevie Moore's 2nd album from 1978 on CD for the first time with lots of bonus tracks (including the "Stance" ep) and some writing and pictures.

1. Cool daddio 2. Delicate tension 3. Schoolgirl 4. Don't blame the niggers 5. Zebra standards 29 6. You are too far from me 7. Oh pat 8. Apropos joe 9. Funny child 10. Norway 11. This wednesday 12. Some voices 13. I go into your mind 14. Horizontal hideaway 15. Don't let me go to the dogs 16. Ist or mas 17. Dance man 18. Manufacturers 19. My little automobile is sad 20. Caffeine Boy 21. Let's 22. Thinking 23. New Strings 24. Bulk Of Knowledge 25. Adjacent Species Like You

Download an mp3 of "Cool Daddio"

Lemme take you to the Beach

A compilation CD of [mostly] surf instrumental bands performing the music of Frank Zappa. This one has its own page here.

The First album by Don's Mobile Barbers.

1. Ok, let's go 2. Making the most 3. In disguise 4. Solutions 5. ...meanwhile back at the hair centre 6. What club is this? 7. Zero brain 8. Dollybird 9. Let this go 10. ...the chase (executive relief) 11. Summer skies 12. Fell into 13. Shooting clouds 14. 2000 miles for this

Download an mp3 of "Solutions"

Move over Rover, let Clover take over - the 2nd album by The Thurston Lava Tube.

1. Penetration 2. Gluon boy 3. Lumpy gravy 4. The man with no ping 5. Dogmatic 6. Lullaby of the leaves 7. func_surf entity 8. Rocket science 9. Being and nothingness 10. Pempslider 11. Fox sharp, badger minor 12. Don't eat aluminium 13. Dogs are from Pluto 14. Forget about freeman

Download an mp3 of "Dogs are from Pluto"

War, Famine, Death, Pestilence and Miss Timberlake

War, Famine, Death, Pestilence and Miss Timberlake - the 9th album by The Deep Freeze Mice on CD with a lots of bonus tracks and all that sort of thing.

1. Out-takes 2. I am big chirf radio luxembourg 3. George Bailey lassoes a refrigerator 4. A Kangaroo #1 5. The stockholm syndrome 6. A dead hering in the moonlight 7. Fish in the air/birds in the sea 8. The time from acurist 9. Its snowing parts 1-5 10. A kangaroo #2 11. In this area 12. The chocolate bar from hell 13. Something happened 14. Metamorphosis 15. The short good friday 16. The weasle under the cocktail cabinet 17. Iam big chief radio luxembourg (reprise) 18. Here comes the sun exploding 19. Big monkeys in a cosmic emergency 20. Till dawn 21. Vorsprung durch werbung 22. Alabaster frog 23. Slow shiny bricks 24. George Bailey lassoes a refrigerator (1993 mix) 25. Here comes the sun exploding (1986 mix) 26. Big monkeys in a cosmic emergency (1986 mix) 27. Till dawn (1986 mix)

Download an mp3 of "George Bailey Lassoes a Refrigerator"

Me Ka Nahuku

Me Ka Nahuku - The first album by The Thurston Lava Tube. CD.

1. Surfin' USSR 2. A hard day's night 3. Maxwell's silver hammer A 4. Helter skelter 5. Maxwell's silver hammer B 6. With a girl like you 7. And your bird can sing 8. I am the walrus 9. When I'm 64 10. Revolution 9 11. Please please me 12. Across the universe 13. I feel fine 14. She loves you 15. I will 16. I'll be back 17. I wanna be your man 18. What's the ugliest part of your body? 19. A day in the lift 20. Free as a bird

Download an mp3 of "I am the Walrus"

Free Surf Music#1

Free Surf Music #1 - a vinyl L.P. by Alan Jenkins

1. Freak saturn tattoo 2. Pour Quoi Pas Moo 3. Hairy Japanese Bastards 4. Gargling With Shelves 5. Bees 6. Free Surf Music #1" 7. Tell Out My Soul 8. Plague Of Cows 9. Pies, Pies, The Sky Is All Pies 10. Chewing Gum For The Spine 11. The Machine's Just Set Up For Poisonous Foam 12. Lumpy Gravy 13. Frequent Moderate Violence 14. A Murder, A Mass Murderer And A Man In A Bri-Nylon Shirt

Download an mp3 of "Bees"

The "A Big Dog.n" CD by Jody and the Creams

1. The queen #1 2. Margery is dead 3. Moulted fur fom a labrador 4. Tree rings 5. Appleseed alley 6. Hi felicity 7. Shropshire 8. N 9. The queen #2 10. Blue moon ten untitled bonus tracks.

Download and mp3 of "Margery is dead"


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